A Collection Due Process Hearing request is probably the absolute fastest way to stop a levy. In one instance, a levy was stopped in a couple of days and no paychecks were missed. The IRS Terminator package shows how there is a very high probability that you can accomplish the same result.


This package is designed to get IRS agents and appeals officers terminated and prosecuted for failing to follow internal procedures set out in the Manual, failing to give you your Constitutional rights, especially due process; and for circumventing the Code and the Regulations through the window of Collection Due Process Hearings. If you got the shaft previously in your Collection Due Process hearing, this package suggests a way to re-open your hearing and get it done right. Learn more in the sample videos page below:

These videos are seen best in Microsoft Explorer 6 and up. Firefox may need a plugin to view them.

Included are SECRETS TO USING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND TO SOLVE IRS PROBLEMS 27, and the new has the disclosure office address and new 12 part monster foia.

Secrets to Using Your Subconscious Mind to Solve Sticky IRS Problems

I searched the internet for the phrase “subconscious problem solving” and turned up the following quotes:

“When I have an important (or tough) problem to solve, I often afford myself the luxury of shelving it for a few days, …During this time, I don’t think about it and it does not weigh on my mind…it percolates away in my subconscious, and a solution often announces itself when I least expect it…I am often amazed by the simplicity and elegance of the solutions I arrive at using this method.”


“…unconscious thought results in creative problem-solving…” “…unconscious thought is especially effective at solving complex problems,"

I’ve seen even more quotes like this as I researched what was on the net about using the subconscious to solve problems. As I researched I began to realize what has worked so well for me over the years. I fill my mind with knowledge; in particular, my subconscious. I then tell my subconscious, in essence, a phrase I remember from algebra class, “Solve for Y.” With respect to the IRS, “Y” is dealing with a cumbersome, oppressive, and dishonest bureaucracy and still prevailing. Attorney Michael Louis Mimms, author of the book The Underground Lawyer, won every case he took for seven years running. One of his secrets was to learn every case that was for them and every case that was for his client. My packages take that approach. If there is a case that works against you, you or your subconscious, needs to know about it so that it can formulate a strategy for dealing with it. This 42 minute mp3 audio explains in more detail how the process works in particular with solving IRS problems by using my research packages. You need to use your subconscious to come up with creative solutions. If you do what everybody else has done already, I predict you will not like the results. Get this MP3 audio and let your subconscious mind come up with creative solutions that will help you prevail.

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